DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The BC Highway Patrol in Dawson Creek reminds the public of the consequences of failing to stop for police.

The minimum fine for failing to stop when signalled or requested by police is $138 plus 3 points, according to Section 73(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act of BC. In more serious cases, drivers could face Criminal Code charges of Dangerous Driving and Flight from Police with a possible jail sentence, fines, and driving prohibitions.

Recently, two incidents in the Dawson Creek area resulted in arrests and criminal charges.

In the first instance, a BCHP officer attempted to stop a speeding vehicle to issue a ticket, but the vehicle sped up and refused to stop. The officer obtained the license plate information and alerted other officers on the radio. A Dawson Creek RCMP officer successfully deployed a tire deflation device and brought the vehicle to a safe stop a short distance away. What would’ve been a speeding ticket ended up being criminal charges, an impounded vehicle, and a $483 ticket for excessive speed.

The second incident saw a BCHP officer assist the DC RCMP by deploying a tire deflation on a vehicle occupied by three people, one who had allegedly been involved in a domestic violence incident involving a firearm. The driver faces several serious criminal charges involving the domestic violence matter and charges in relation to fleeing from police and other driving offences.