UPDATE: ‘We hope protests don’t deter eligible residents from getting immunized’: Northern Health on Wednesday’s demonstrations

Editor’s note: This is a response from Northern Health on the protests that took place in the region on Wednes…

Editor’s note: This is a response from Northern Health on the protests that took place in the region on Wednesday. This article is to supplement the original story about the protests that can be viewed by clicking here.

Energeticcity reached out to NH to speak with a doctor or administrator about the demonstration but was instead sent a statement that is referenced in the story.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Northern Health hopes Wednesday’s protests outside the Fort St. John Hospital and other facilities in the north don’t deter residents from getting vaccinated.

“COVID-19 vaccinations, and the associated policies that have been put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, have been put in place to keep British Columbians safe, reduce strain on our health-care system, and bring an end to this pandemic as swiftly as possible,” says Steve Raper, vice president of communications and public affairs, in a statement.

Energeticcity received the email statement from Raper after requesting to speak with a local healthcare worker about the demonstrations, which Northern Health was unable to line up.

Raper says, thankfully, hospital services and operations weren’t disrupted. He also hopes the demonstrations weren’t directed at health care workers on the front line.

“Health-care workers have had to endure much during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we hope that the actions that took place this week do not serve to discourage those on the front-line who are giving their all to help people in the North.”

“We strongly encourage everyone to follow Public Health orders and recommendations during this time,” says Raper.

On Wednesday, around 100 protestors gathered outside the FSJ Hospital to voice their opinions on vaccine mandates and COVID-19 guidelines.

Many residents, organizations, and businesses have expressed their concerns surrounding the Province’s vaccine passport announcement on August 23rd.

Peace region chambers of commerce met with Northern Health on Monday and were told: “there is no willingness for the Province to move away from the current and upcoming public health orders.”

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