FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A variety of signs ranging from “my body, my choice” to “no vaccine passports” were seen outside the Fort St. John Hospital on Wednesday.

Around 100 protestors gathered in the afternoon to voice their opinions on vaccine mandates and COVID-19 guidelines.

There seemed to be very few healthcare workers present, with only one person wearing scrubs during the protest. She told Energeticcity she helped organize the event and is a healthcare worker but could not speak at the time.

All the attendees who were asked didn’t know of any healthcare workers on site, with one resident responding with “we’re are here to fight for our freedom.”

One participant, who asked to be referred to as Brenda, says it was her first time protesting and felt her freedom was being ripped away following the August 23rd announcement.

“Because something very important is on the line, and that’s the personal freedom and personal ability to make a choice,” says Brenda.

A lone RCMP cruiser was also on scene to make sure the protest stayed peaceful.

There have been multiple posters circulating social media since the vaccine passport announcement made last week, calling for workers to walk out on their jobs in protest of recent government decisions. Some events specifically called for residents to join health care workers as they protest outside hospitals across the province.

One poster on a newly created Facebook group, BC Businesses Against Health Pass, called on all types of workforces to protest, such as truckers, RCMP, fire departments, restaurants and more.

The poster states, “if we walk out and strike, close down our door for even 1 day, we can make a difference and make the government realize that we can’t be controlled.”

Another event dubbed the “worldwide walkout” encouraged participants to gather outside hospitals whether they are “vaxxed or unvaxxed, masked or unmasked.”

Many protests took place on Wednesday, including the Rotary Manor in Dawson Creek, where a group gathered to protest staff members being required to be vaccinated. Moving south, hundreds of people were seen outside Vancouver General Hospital and Kelowna General Hospital.