FORT NELSON, B.C. – The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality has released its Regional Health Advocacy Strategy, which aims to achieve equitable access to health services for residents.

The objective of the Regional Health Strategy is to engage positively with partners across the Northern Rockies and Northeastern B.C. to create a network of advocates to advance the health service priorities of the NRRM.

With this advocacy work, the main focus will be on sustaining and growing local health services in combination with developing regional coalitions to advocate for improvements to shared rural health service concerns in the Northeast region.

“It’s important to change the tone of the conversation around health services in the Northern Rockies,” says Mayor Gary Foster.

“We have an opportunity now to demonstrate a positive approach when working with Northern Health and other partners, to be part of the solution in achieving equitable access to health services in the Northern Rockies.”

The key partners in this strategy include Fort Nelson First Nation, Northern Health, community agencies, business and industry, regional and provincial government bodies like the First Nations Health Authority and Provincial Health Services Authority.

The Regional Health Advocacy Strategy will focus on three main priorities:

Focusing on these priorities will improve clarity and effectiveness, allowing the NRRM and the community and regional partners to have consistent and coordinated messaging with various regional and provincial networks.

NRRM will be implementing the strategy this month, September, with a community stakeholder forum and direct engagement with partners.