FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – An idea that started in April has resulted in over $4,00 being raised for the Fort St. John Firefighters Charitable Society.

The Lido Theatre began using its marquee to display birthday greetings of those in the community for a donation to the Society.

Due to restrictions, there was a lack of events taking place at the Lido, leaving the usually full marquee empty. The Lido owner, Brian Kirschner, used the marquee as a way to put a smile on community member’s faces and turned it into a way to raise funds for the Society and their Medical Travel Fund.

The fund was set up to help people who can’t afford to travel to appointments. The Fund helps to pay for medical appointments, plane tickets, hotel stay, food, etc. It’s an application process that goes to the Board of Directors, and then the application is voted through.

According to firefighter Brent Morgan, the marquee donations totalled $4,256.