FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Wellness and overdose awareness was the message from the Fort St John Women’s Resource Society and First Nations Health Authority today.

Residents are invited down to the Women’s Resource Society until 2 p.m. where they can get STI screening, blood pressure, and other health checks are available. Society Executive Director Amanda Trotter says the event is a clinic for the community.

“We’re doing a clinic here during the day, where people can come in and the First Nations Health Authority are providing basic medical services,” Trotter said. “People who would also like HIV testing, we’re going to be able to do that as well.”

HIV testing is available through a self-testing kit and app, which rolled out in the city earlier this year. It’s the first of its kind in Canada, and utilizes phones to get results.

“I like the fact that our community is being proactive when it comes to providing services to people in the Fort St. John area,” said Trotter. “We welcome this, that’s why the Healing Space exists, to be the place where people can do this.”

Trotter says the kits have been well received by the community, with the only barrier being the need for a smartphones, noting some residents don’t have phones to use the app, or have difficulties using the technology.

“It’s going well, but it is very specific,” Trotter. “If people don’t have cellphones then they can’t do it. We’re walking into a world where if you don’t have a smartphone, you’re not able to do anything.”

The event runs until 2 p.m. at the Healing Place on 100 Avenue.