UPDATE: The article has been changed to add up-to-date stats from BC Hydro.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – COVID-19 cases are on the rise at Site C.

As of Monday, there were 28 active cases and 100 people in isolation — 40 people are isolating at camp while 60 were in isolation at home. As of August 16th, there were 1,590 people in camp.

According to the Site C Project website, BC Hydro has seen an increase in COVID-19 cases due to a combination of workplace transmission across the various project areas and community transmission.

Hydro has been following the Ministry of Health guidelines very strictly. It has implemented various protocols to help prevent the virus from spreading, including enforcing mandatory mask compliance on crew shuttles and in the powerhouse work areas.

“The project team is working closely with Northern Health to manage these cases,” said Bc Hydro.

Since March 2020, there have been 162 cases of COVID-19 at Site C.