OTTAWA, ON –  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is planning to call an election on Sunday, according to Reuters sources.

The vote is reportedly scheduled for September 20th, which would make the election campaign the shortest possible under elections law at 36 days.

An election has been hinted at and expected by all parties for some time. Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh, NDP Leader have made stops in at least seven provinces in the last month.

Both major opposition leaders have been critical of the Liberals for what they say is a power grab in the middle of the fourth wave of COVID-19 across the nation.

According to results from an Abacus Data poll released Thursday, if an election was called now, the Liberals could get a majority with 37 per cent of the vote, the Conservatives would have 28 per cent, 20 per cent for the NDP and the Green Party would secure 5 per cent of the vote.

Trudeau’s Liberals got a majority government in 2015, but numerous controversies whittled away at the party’s hold and a 2019 election resulted in the Liberals losing their majority government.

A party needs to reach 170 seats to gain a majority government.

The current breakdown of the 338 seats in the House of Commons is as follows:

British Columbia has 42 seats in the House and Alberta has 34.