FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Hospital Foundation announced the arrival of a newly purchased blanket warming cabinet on Thursday to provide even better patient care.

“We are so grateful to the Foundation and community for all the support,” said Nathan Shrum, Chief Technologist, Medical Imaging/Radiology.

Executive Director of the FSJ Hospital Foundation, Niki Hedges, says while cool temperatures in medical procedure rooms are necessary for optimal performance, some patients may find it distressing.

“A patient can experience a drop in body temperature; therefore, keeping a patient comfortable and still during procedures is important, and a nice warm blanket helps maintain body temperature and feel more at ease,” said Hedges.

According to a release, donations made to the Cancer and Diagnostic Treatment Fund have given the Foundation the opportunity to contribute $120,000 towards a $1.2 million dollar major capital project for a new SPECT/CT scanner, capable of performing thousands of scans each year.

“This up-to-date scanner has been an exciting and much-needed addition to the Nuclear Medicine department, capturing exceptional image quality,” reads the release.

For more information on the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation, or to make a contribution towards the purchase of new equipment, go to the Foundation’s Facebook page or its website.