Saulteau First Nations will hold a cultural youth camp this August 17th to 22nd at Carbon Lake near Hudson’s Hope.

Recreation Coordinator Megan Campbell says the camp is a way to learn traditional skills and responsible land stewardship.

“We do plan our hiking and kayaking. I have a couple people within Saulteau First Nations who are willing to volunteer their time to teach hunting, fishing, berry picking,” said Campbell.

“They’ll be teaching survival skills and how to take care of the land, so we’ll spend a day just cleaning up garbage and learning about how it’s important to preserve our land.”

She added that some volunteers are also members of the caribou recovery project, which has begun collaring grizzly bears to study predation effects on the herd.

The cultural camp is typically an annual event for Saulteau through Pemmican Days, celebrated by all ages, not just youth, says Campbell, noting that the COVID-19 pandemic led to the creation of the smaller event in Carbon Lake.

“We just wanted to minimize the amount of people that are together, typically, it’s a week-long event where everyone is out together camping and enjoying traditional foods,” said Campbell, noting the camp has a limit of ten students.