ROLLA, B.C. – Executive Director Donna Kane says she’s stepping down from the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council after seven years in the role, taking a break to pursue her own art projects.

Kane says while she’s proud of the work done by the council, the timing is right for a new director.

“I feel with these organizations it’s great to have new energy and ideas come in, so I felt like it was time,” said Kane. “I’ve got my own writing projects that I’d like to pursue, so those were the two key things as to why.”

Kane she’s already begun working on a poetry manuscript, along with several non-fiction projects, and working as an editor for other writers.

“Hopefully the bulk will be on my own projects,” she said. “But it’ll be nice to put my own writing first, when you have a job like this, it can kind of sprawl and pretty soon you find you’re spending the bulk of your day on other people’s projects.”

She added that she’ll be available until the role is filled and is happy to answer any questions from interested candidates.

“It’s always a challenge – it’s so fulfilling to help other artists progress with their artwork, but at some point, you feel like time’s running out and you need to do your own stuff,” Kane noted.

Hard skills can be learned, says Kane, adding the council would greatly benefit from a candidate with local connections and the passion to create programs that will fill the needs of the region.

“What we need is someone who’s passionate about arts culture and heritage in the region, and who has ideas. They don’t have to be the same projects that I’ve carried out – it would be exciting to see someone come in and do completely different things,” she said.

Kane added that she’s proud of the work accomplished by the arts council over the past seven years, in particular, engagement with indigenous artists and heritage artwork for the anniversary of the Alaska Highway.

“I feel like our interaction and engagement with the region as a whole has grown, and so I’m really proud of that, all the different groups – including all the indigenous artists who engage with our programs,” she said.