FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Members of Fort St. John City Council were on hand to do the official ribbon cutting for the Water Recovery Facility.

The Water Recovery Facility is now operational and producing reclaimed water for both industrial and agricultural uses. The Facility can produce over 4,500 cubic metres per day—equal to roughly two Olympic-sized swimming pools—of reclaimed water.

The $9.5 million Facility, takes effluent that has already been processed through the City’s sewer treatment process and treats it further by means of filters and screens before being chlorinated. The Facility also improves the effluent that is discharged into the Peace River.

In 2016, the City received a $5 million grant from the Federal Gas Tax Fund to go towards the construction of the Water Recovery Facility.

Some examples of what the reclaimed water can be used for include hydraulic fracturing and oil and gas well development, pipeline hydrotesting, equipment washing, dust suppression and soil compaction, making concrete or aggregate washing, sanitary and storm sewer flushing.