TAYLOR, B.C. – Peace Island Park has a new caretaker once again, but a familiar face this time around.

Adam Regan has been hired back to continue out the year with his contract ending December 31st, 2021, says Taylor Mayor Rob Fraser. Regan and his wife, Nancy, previously ran the park since 2018.

“Council and district staff were both hearing complaints regarding the previous contractor, who was hired in March. The District tried to work with the contractor to figure out a service level that was satisfactory for everyone but realized the fit just wasn’t right”, says Fraser. Regan took over the role of caretaker last Monday.

“There’s a lot of work, and for a new contractor to take that on, sometimes they come in with expectations that were unrealistic or didn’t realize just how busy it can be. So things get lost or forgotten,” says Fraser

Peace Island Park has high service level requirements based on historical requirements, says Fraser. The park can welcome around 3,500 people who come through on a busy weekend.

The park is a jewel within the region, said Fraser, and is expected to stay that way while properly maintained.

Fraser mentions a few options they looked at for the park, whether that was awarding it to another contractor, having district staff take over entirely, or closing the park.

The full Community Roundup video with Mayor Fraser can be viewed below.