FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John North Peace Museum is setting goals for the next two years and is looking for public input.

The museum has a survey available until July 31st before moving onto its fourth strategic plan for 2022 to 2024.  The information collected from the survey will help build on services and exhibits offered, says curator Heather Sjoblom.

“Our aim is to serve the community and preserve the community’s history. So, this is an opportunity for people to say, hey, we’d like you to do try this other thing that you’re not doing currently,” said Sjoblom.

“We are only a one staff museum with lots of volunteers. So we can’t do everything. But we can certainly try and improve the services that we currently offer.”

The museum’s strategic planning committee, made of five board members and five non-members, will sift through the survey results. Afterwards, they’ll determine what goals to set, how they will be accomplished and who will accomplish them.

“Then, the strategic plan gets developed out of that and goes to the board for approval.”

With the plan, the museum develops four main areas of focus such archives management, exhibits, human resources, and education.

“The survey shows us what areas people expect the most from us in. We would tend to focus more on those areas we would certainly touch on on other areas as well.”

A print copy of the survey is also available at the museum.

Anyone who completes the survey will automatically be entered into a draw to win a framed historic print or a copy of Signposts & Promises: Canada and the Alaska Highway.