B.C. to implement new rules for buying tickets for events

The province says event-goers will have more transparency, fairer processes and better consumer protections wh…

The province says event-goers will have more transparency, fairer processes and better consumer protections when purchasing tickets for live events in B.C.

The new Ticket Sales Act comes into effect on Canada Day, regulating ticket sales and levelling the playing field for buyers by prohibiting bots, and improving disclosure and refund requirements.

“Before the pandemic, British Columbians told us they were frustrated with not being able to get tickets to live events in their local area without resorting to tickets sold on the secondary market at highly inflated prices,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, in a statement Wednesday.

“The Ticket Sales Act will provide greater transparency and accountability in the industry so people will have a fair shot at getting tickets and be confident that better consumer protections are in place.”

The act will focus on those who sell tickets as a business and not buyer-to-buyer transactions. These new rules will affect business practices that were previously only subject to general consumer protection rules rather than specific laws relating to ticket sales and resales, said the province.

“We are all excited to attend live concerts, sports and performances again,” said Bob D’Eith, Parliamentary Secretary for Arts and Film.

“We’re making sure consumers will be better protected when buying advance tickets, so they can look forward to enjoying the cultural activities we’ve all missed so much. This is how we’re building back better.”

The province said the Ticker Sales Act will do the following:

The province says there will be exemptions for smaller-scale events to prevent consequences for organizations required to comply with the new rules.

The act will exempt ticket sales for events held in the following places, unless they are leased out for third party events:

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