FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – TEAAM Aeromedical will be operational within the Peace Region starting July 1st.

TEAAM, a non-profit aeromedical rescue program, has bases in Squamish and Prince George, and now Fort St. John.

The program operates in areas that are beyond the reach of traditional ambulance services.

According to TEAAM’s website, it’s compromised of “advanced care and primary care paramedics, emergency physicians, nurses, technical rescue specialists and other mountain professionals dedicated to providing leading edge pre-hospital care and transport in austere settings.”

In the past two weeks, TEAAM have been training with local physicians, paramedics, and rescue specialists. They’ve also met with specialists that have firefighting, wildfire fighting, swift water rescue, and industrial rescue experience.

The Fort St. John TEAAM is comprised of locals as well as people from as far away as Winnipeg.

The difference between TEAAM and STARS is the equipment utilized. TEAAM provides a similar level of advanced life support/critical medical care, however, TEAAM also utilizes hoist and fixed long line equipped helicopters, auto extrication, mountain rescue guides, swift water rescue specialists and more austere medicine capability.

More information on TEAAM can be found on their website