TAYLOR, B.C. – The Doug Babcock Memorial was hosted at the Taylor Speedway over the weekend, a tribute to one of the “founding fathers of the Taylor Speedway.”

Speedway president Kelly Hildebrand says Doug Babcock helped bring racing to Taylor.

“I believe it was 1993 when they broke ground at the Taylor Speedway, and he was one of the big guys involved in getting everything going.”

Babcock’s granddaughter Chelsea had a great showing in two nights of racing, winning the Bomber main event and getting second place in the Saturday Bomber main event.

The Doug Babcock Memorial featured two nights of action from four classes, and Hildebrand says conditions were good for racing.

“I’m not gonna say it was perfect. If we get lots of rain the week before, then it’s perfect. There was a little bit of dust, but it was good. Everyone was happy with the way it was, no complaints.”

This weekend, the juniors and the bombers had different winners on consecutive nights.

As a result of the pandemic limiting spectators, the Taylor Speedway Facebook page has been live-streaming the main events. Hildebrand says that has helped reach a far wider audience.

“The live streams have been getting a great response. I even noticed someone from Calgary commenting that they were glad we have this live stream. Our secretary Crystal does it with her phone. She comes up on the flag stand and does the main events, and it’s just cool. Everybody loved it last year, and this year we’ve had a lot of compliments on it.”

The next event on the schedule is the Mini Stock Invitational on July 9th and 10th.

1st- Richard Hildebrand

2nd- Wayne Dale

3rd- Clint Mason

1st- Chelsea Babcock

2nd- Swain Hackman

3rd- Justin Tackaberry

1st- Cody Willis

2nd- Delani Bulley

3rd- James McCabe

1st- Johnny Beaumont

2nd- Austin Duncan

3rd- Russell Duncan

4th- Dean Bell

1st- Richard Hildebrand

2nd- Wayne Dale

3rd- Jamie Legal

1st- Justin Tackaberry

2nd- Chelsea Babcock

3rd- Brennan Gee

1st- Cody Willis

2nd- Megan Davis

3rd- Eddie Scarfo

1st- Johnny Beaumont

2nd- Russell Duncan

3rd- Austin Duncan

4th- Al Scarfo