FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Two Co-Operative Association facilities in Fort St. John received grants for recycling used oil and containers.

The British Columbia Used Oil Management Association announced Wednesday that it has provided the Co-op locations with modified sea cans to safely dispose of used oil. One location is the Co-op at 7315 100th Avenue, and the other is at 10808 91st Avenue in Fort St. John.

“Fort St. John Co-op Association recently won a 2020 Top Collector Award that acknowledged their ongoing support of BCUOMA,” says BCUOMA CEO David Lawes. “They continue to show their dedication to their community and our stewardship by upgrading their facilities in order to make it even easier and more convenient for their customers to return their used oil and antifreeze products.”

Lawes expects the facilities to get some good use in the Energetic City.

“There are a lot of committed recyclers in the area. They’ve been asking for this type of infrastructure, and if we can make it really easy to use and put it in a convenient location, the hope is that more people will use it.”

The sea cans are modified to keep oil products from seeping out and are double-walled, to seal out water and contaminants. Once filled, the cans are picked up and brought to a recycling facility.

“In British Columbia, three-quarters of the used oil that gets collected gets refined back into new lubricating oil, which is a really good sort of economy and viable story. 100 per cent of the antifreeze collected gets refined and turned into a new antifreeze product, antifreeze for the engine, or a supplement to windshield washer fluid.”

The facilities are free to use, and Lawes recommends disposing of used oil products sooner rather than later.

“It’s free to use, it’s paid for by industry, retailers, and manufacturers that sell the oil and antifreeze, so it’s free for consumers to drop off the container. Don’t let it sit on your garage floor getting contaminated, the quicker you bring it back, the more likely we can turn it into new products.”

BCUOMA says it continues to look for opportunities to upgrade and improve recycling facility locations across the province in order to provide British Columbians with reasonable access to convenient and free used oil recycling centres.