The Resource Municipalities Coalition and the Indigenous Resource Network have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) towards achieving common interests.

The MOU is a way for both parties to work together in creating a more equitable and inclusive society that will help to close gaps in social, health, and economic outcomes between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Canadians.

It affirms and encourages cooperative projects that will support the environment, communities, and residents, said a statement released Friday.

Both parties will work together in achieving and maintaining rights affirmed in the Canadian Constitution including Indigenous and treaty rights. They will advocate the provincial and federal government as well as major corporations for policies that will strengthen local economies, work to attract investments, and help to generate employment.

The common priority for both parties is to enhance the prosperity and well-being of members and constituents of the Resource Municipality Coalition and Indigenous Resource Network by making sure Indigenous peoples have fair and honest opportunities to contribute and benefit from resources and overall economic development.

The signing took place on Friday, June 4th .