VICTORIA, B.C. – The Northern Health Region added 42 new cases over the weekend, including 10 from Sunday to Monday.

There are 117 active cases in the region.

Out of 10 people in hospital, seven are in critical care.

There was one COVID-19 death recorded over the weekend, moving the total to 153.

Of the 7,683 cases recorded since last March, 7,411 have recovered.

The province added 708 new cases over the weekend. From Friday to Saturday there were 258 cases, 238 from Saturday to Sunday, and 212 from Sunday to Monday.

The active case count for the province sits at 2,953.

There are 249 people in hospital, 78 of whom are in critical care.

B.C. added 11 COVID-19 deaths over the weekend, moving the total to 1,703.

Since last March, 144,289 cases have been recorded, and 139,562 have since recovered.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada won’t rush into reopening its border with the United States to non-essential travel.

He says 75 per cent of Canadians must be vaccinated and daily case rates must continue to decline across the country before his government will loosen restrictions at the border.

During the first week kids 12 to 17 years could get their first vaccine dose, 12 were given the wrong COVID-19 vaccine in Vancouver.

Vancouver Coastal Health has apologized for the error that happened Friday and Saturday.

The Pfizer vaccine is the only one approved by Health Canada for use in children 12 to 17, but 12 people got the Moderna vaccine instead.

Moderna has recently announced clinical trials for adolescents found it safe for use, but the vaccine is still awaiting approval in Canada.

According to a statement, Medical Health officers do not believe the Moderna shot will impact the 12 youth who received it.