FORT ST. JOHN, B.C – In his B.C. Liberal leadership quest, Kevin Falcon is addressing issues that affect northern residents, including Site C, the opioid crisis and the Taylor Bridge.

“I know very intimately how important major infrastructure like the Taylor bridge is. But, I’ll tell you right now, do not get your hopes up that the NDP is going to do anything about it because the problem is they are an urban party,’ said Falcon, a former Finance and Transportation Minister, to Energeticity Thursday.

With all of the NDP’s seats not reaching east of Hope, Falcon believes all their issues and concerns focus on what’s best for the lower mainland.

“And that’s not going to change; I guarantee you that most of them haven’t even got a clue where the Taylor Bridge is. So this is something that I think is very, very important.”

Having six years’ worth of experience overseeing major transportation investments, he believes this funding needs to continue but won’t under the current government.

The reason for Falcon’s return is similar to why he left in 2013— his family. During his time away from politics, Falcon served as vice-president of real estate development company Anthem Capital.

Falcon hoped to see a different version of the NDP but believes the decision-making has been concerning since 2017.

“They’re not providing any kind of certainty for the business community and investment community.”

Falcon also guarantees that Site C’s budget will increase along with delays.

“I don’t think professional politicians are the right people to be overseeing a massive complex, megaproject like Site C,” said Falcon.

“It’s just issue after issue after issue that I see happening. That’s a trend that’s very, very worrisome for me and I think for our next generation of kids.”

If elected, Falcon plans to rebrand the party, including a new name.

“…so that we can make sure that this is a really big tent that focuses on the big issues that are affecting families throughout the province.”

Falcon is among four candidates running for leadership of the B.C. Liberals along with Skeena MLA Ellis Ross, Gavin Dew, and Vancouver-Langara MLA Michael Lee.

The winner of the leadership race is expected to be announced on February 5th, 2022.