FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A $5,000 donation from Peaceland Oilfield Services company will help local kids who are less fortunate get involved in sports.

Watson Engelbert and Victor Wiens of Peaceland presented a cheque for $5,000 to Jim Lequiere of the Josh Lequire Society on Wednesday morning.

“Josh passed away in 2010, and he was always helping out with sports, whether it was minor hockey, minor soccer, minor baseball,” says Jim Lequiere. “Sports played a big part in his growing up as well. When he passed away, in order to honour his legacy, we started the Josh Lequiere Society in 2011.”

With the help of corporate sponsors like Peaceland Oilfield Services, the Josh Lequiere Society has helped 138 Fort St. John kids financially to play a sport or take part in a healthy activity.

“We also supply sporting equipment, whether it’s skates or running shoes, sweatpants, as well as our corporate sponsors around town.”

What separates this society from others in the province is that the Josh Lequiere Society collects funds from, and gives funds to, the local community, rather than the entire province or country. Also, funds can be dispersed much faster through the Josh Lequiere Society.

“You can have a single mom or single dad come to us looking for assistance, and we can cut them a check that day. That means the world to them because if they don’t get their son or daughter involved, who knows what might happen to that son or daughter.”

Lequiere is a big believer in the character-building aspect of sports.

“One thing about sports in general, it teaches you that sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it. You try as hard as you can to win, and sometimes you lose. It creates character, it’s a great way to meet new friends, and it plays a big part in people’s character when they become adults.”

Lequiere says his sports background has helped him in his professional life, especially in his new position with City Council. Being a team leader was something he had been preparing for in athletics.

The opportunity to give back to the local community was a simple decision for Peaceland Oilfield Services.

“Those companies that are fortunate to keep their heads above water in these challenging times, don’t forget about their responsibility to the local community, and community stewardship most importantly,” said Watson Engelbert, Business Development with Peaceland Oilfield Services.

“We wanted to work with the less fortunate youth in Fort St. John, and kind of revolve around the idea of physical activity. What better organization to partner up with than the Josh Lequiere Society, whose primary goal is to remind every kid, no matter what financial means, that they are all part of one team. From a community investment standpoint, that aligns most with our core values.”