Hudson’s Hope RCMP respond to 41 calls for service

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – The Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 41 calls for service between April 18th and May 17th…

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – The Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 41 calls for service between April 18th and May 17th.

RCMP issued 79 written violations and warning tickets, with 49 of these violations speeding within the school zone along Beattie Drive.

The detachment says highway and road safety is still an important focus, especially along the school zone and the different construction zones along Highway 29.

RCMP is reminding residents of the multiple construction zones along Highway 29 toward FSJ. There is a large fluctuation between speed zones for each site. These zones will be monitored and fines range from $196 to $253.

On April 19th, police stopped a driver for travelling 41 kilometres an hour over the posted speed limit in a school zone. The driver received a $368 fine along with the complimentary package that comes along with it.

On April 25th, RCMP conducted a routine traffic check-stop along Highway 29. Drivers were checked for sobriety, valid driver’s licenses, and vehicle registration. During this check, around 50 plus vehicles were stopped and several drivers were later fined for driving intoxicated and or having open alcohol in the vehicle. Two prohibited drivers were also charged accordingly.

On April 28th, police received a report of a theft of rig mats from an oil and gas site north of Beryl Prairie Road. Two 40 to 50′ long rig mats had been stolen from a lay down site at an unknown time or date. This file is still open for investigation.

On April 29th, police stopped a vehicle for speeding through the school zone along Beattie Drive. The vehicle was clocked at 146 km/h by the time police were able to catch up. The driver received the completed complimentary package that comes with Excessive Speeding.

On May 9th, police assisted the Hudson’s Hope Fire Department with a large grass fire ignited along Canyon Drive across from Signal Hill. Firefighters were able to contain and extinguish the fire with no damage to property. It’s believed that this was deliberately set, and the investigation remains open.

On May 10th, police received a report of a theft from a vehicle along Paquette Ave. When the owner got in the vehicle in the morning, they observed that it had been rifled through and several items were stolen. It’s believed the vehicle was left unlocked overnight.

On May 13th, police received a report of a money fraud that took place within the town. The complainant stated that they received a call from Reader’s Digest, who advised that call-taker that they won a sweepstakes prize and required a small amount of money to be sent to access the prize. After the money was received, the complainant was called again to send a larger amount of money so the prize could be ‘processed through Canada Customs’. The incident was determined to be a scam/fraud and was reported to police.

On May 15th, police received a report of a theft of a vehicle near Moraine, off Canyon Drive. The complainant initially reported that the vehicle had been stolen and later located down on the beach, but it had been fully engulfed in flames and didn’t know what happened. Through an investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle had not been stolen, but instead, permission was granted for a person who had been partying all night to “rally and drift” the car down on the beach. Unfortunately, the driver wasn’t as skilled as he hoped, and the car found a large sand crevasse which resulted in the car crashing and bursting into flames. No injuries were reported, and the vehicle was removed due to environmental aspects.

And on May 17th, police received a report of mischief to a local business. When they arrived at work, the business manager reported that many anti-COVID stickers stuck to the front door. These stickers and other posters have been found throughout the town the past week, including parks and other businesses. As these are posted and stuck to businesses and private properties, a criminal code charge of mischief can be sought for any individuals caught in the act.


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