HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – The Hudson’s Hope RCMP wants residents to play safe over the May long weekend.

Firefighters extinguished a large grass fire on Canyon Drive near Signal Hill last weekend, and it’s suspected the fire may have been arson.

“The biggest concern is that it was pretty close to the treeline, if it had got into that, we would have been a world of trouble,” said Cpl. Rob Gardner.

With the May long weekend coming up, Cpl. Gardner is asking residents to practice safety while enjoying the outdoors.

“We have a lot of quadding out here, at the sand dunes by the lake,” said Gardner, reminding users to have their ATVs and other off-road vehicles licensed and insured.

Gardner said traffic enforcement has been steady, depending on the time of day and place.

From March 21 to April 18, 84 written violations and warning tickets were issued in Hudson’s Hope, 44 of those violations being for speeding in a school zone. Five excessive speeding tickets were issued from those, four of them in the school zone.

“It’s definitely been busy. There’s definitely been a lot of traffic enforcement going on in our little corridor here,” said Gardner. “Also with construction zones, they’ve really ramped up construction along Highway 29.”

Highway 29 is currently being realigned as part of Site C construction.  Due to the increase of work sites along the highway, there is a large fluctuation between the speed zones for each site, and RCMP says they are monitoring these areas.

Drivers should remember to slow down for construction, and in especially school zones, Gardner said.

“In town, we’re still really active at the school zone, along Beattie Drive, writing violations and speeding tickets, asking people to slow down,” said Gardner. “Some days are busier than others, it all depends.”

Gardner added traffic varies from commercial to recreational users, with the Ministry of Transportation installing more signs to remind drivers of the 30-kilometre limit.

“I know the Ministry is working on it and trying to help out,” Gardner said.