FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Students at Dr. Kearney Middle School donated 362 boxes of cereal to the Fort St. John Salvation Army on Tuesday, and now it might become a yearly tradition.

The idea came from Grade 7 teacher Matt Logan, who saw a video of a different school lining up boxes and toppling them over like dominos through the school’s hallways.

Logan relayed the video to the school’s Activity Planner Jonah Burridge, who ran with the idea.

“Mr. Logan suggested it as a fun way to do community outreach. We ran it through most of April, and we were able to collect 362 boxes of cereal by the end of it.”

While collecting items for donation requires no fancy frills, lining them up through the hallways and knocking them down like dominos topped off the successful campaign.

“It just looked really, really cool and a fun way to encourage community outreach.”

Since restrictions in schools prevented the entire student body from taking part in the video, the two classes that donated the most boxes got to appear in the video. If the dominos stopped, a student was right there to keep them going.

“In future years, maybe we’ll be able to include the entire school, with more and more students appearing as the dominos reach the end. Lot’s of ideas, but it’s always great to get everyone involved for a cause like this.”

The cereal shelves at the Salvation Army will have a lot more variety due to the cereal donation. Burridge says he saw some cereals he had never heard of before.

“There was a variety of cereals that I had never seen before. I was starting to think it was more of a dessert than it was breakfast.”

The range of options will be a welcome change from the usual cereal selection.

“Jared [Braun] at the Salvation Army mentioned how great the variety is because, in the past, they just bought a flat of one type of cereal. This way, because of the wide variety, it’s going to allow for some choice when you go to pick up cereal.”

After a successful first edition of the domino cereal drive, Burridge is excited to see what new ideas they come up with next year.