FORT AT. JOHN, B.C – Northern Health says 31 Site C workers have recovered after a COVID-19 outbreak was declared on April 29th.

The update states there have been 39 lab-confirmed cases identified among various contractors, which is an increase of five.

A total of eight cases involving two contractors are currently active.

Workers on the project continue to be screened, and contact tracing is continuing, says the health authority. Those with confirmed cases and their close contacts are self-isolating.

“NH Medical Health Officers, Site C and its contractors, and WorksafeBC, will continue to monitor and respond to the outbreak, as well as managed clusters of COVID-19 cases associated with the project.”

Northern Health says medical health officers have determined there is no need for closure orders for the overall project or individual project worksites.

As of May 7th, 1,423 people are in camp, with 37 in isolation. In addition, 41 people are isolating at home.

BC Hydro states there are currently 12 active cases out of 70 since January 1st, 2021.

Site C has recorded 101 cases since March 1st, 2020.