West Moberly First Nations cleaning up oil and gas sites

MOBERLY LAKE, B.C. – A partnership between Harvest Operations and the West Moberly Corporate Alliance is worki…

MOBERLY LAKE, B.C. – A partnership between Harvest Operations and the West Moberly Corporate Alliance is working to reclaim dormant oil and gas sites in West Moberly territory.

WMCA companies will be prime contractors, working to decommission sites to their natural state safely. Harvest says the company is looking forward to the collaboration with West Moberly First Nation.

“Harvest is committed to working with its First Nations partners to ensure our operations bring benefit and opportunities to the communities where we operate,” says Paul Vander Valk, Harvest COO.

Chief Roland Willson says West Moberly First Nation is proud of the new relationship with Harvest.

“West Moberly First Nation has always stated that we are not opposed to all development, but that any development must make all necessary efforts to minimize impacts to the environment,” says Willson.

“With this new opportunity, WMFN will positively participate in remediating and reclaiming areas back to as close to original state as possible.”

WMCA parters Dutch Engineering and Resolve Energy Solutions will be the prime contractor, and the well site reclamation project will use five designated WMCA partners.

WM-Dutch Engineering and WM-Resolve will be used for asset retirement, WM-Swamp Donkey for earthworks and logistics, WM-DWB Consulting Services for environmental reclamation, and Twin Sisters Native Plant Nursery for reseeding and planting. Each of these firms is a partner with community benefit arrangements with West Moberly First Nations.

“Prime contractor status is a natural next step in West Moberly First Nations’ self-determination over its Land and Resources,” says WMCA Director Robert Diaz.

“Not only does this important project put Indigenous People at the head of the table, but it also demonstrates a broader societal shift towards UNDRIP and Indigenous Reconciliation.”

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