FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The city is starting up recycling audits again, and bylaw officers could be writing $100 tickets for people who throw garbage in their recycling bins.

The City of Fort St. John posted pictures of the garbage they’re finding in blue bins on Facebook Tuesday.

“Not only does it contaminate the recycling, but PEOPLE are having to sort through this, and it is DISGUSTING and UNSAFE,” said the post.

According to city staff, fines are not issued for every person who has a small piece of trash in the recycling bin, rather people who are willfully contaminating recycling are getting ticketed.

A warning is given first, and then bylaw officers may write a violation ticket for repeat offenders.

If you are not sure what goes in what bin, the City of Fort St John website has details about pickup schedules and a Waste Wizard that will tell you what item goes where. It even has a waste sorting game to make learning fun.

Last year, garbage contamination in recycling bins was an issue that led to 20 violations and $2,000 in fines issued to residents.