FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Thanks to a young resident’s watchful eye, a fire was spotted and extinguished before it got out of control.

When young Daisy saw flames coming from her deck, she quickly alerted her family members. Thanks to her quick thinking, the damage to the deck was minimal, and nobody was hurt.

“Daisy is a pretty amazing little girl. By alerting her family early she prevented what could have been a very major fire,” says Deputy Fire Chief Robert Norton. “A delay of even a few minutes may have resulted in a complete loss to her family’s home.”

Norton says this is an example of teaching fire safety at a young age.

“Daisy’s story is a great example of how important it is to teach our children basic fire safety, and what to do in the event of a fire.”

Even though firefighters are trained to act in an emergency situation, they can’t be everywhere all the time. It’s important to have good citizens looking out for each other, and Daisy is a great example of a young kid showing maturity beyond her years.