FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – After more than 44 years in the auto mechanic business, Chet Pizzey and Wayne Ohland are closing the doors to W & C Automotive.

With Pizzey and Ohland both approaching 70 years old, it was time to move on.

“We’ve been trying to sell for a few years, but there aren’t a lot of prospective buyers around. They’re dealing with the economy and COVID-19 and all that stuff,” says Pizzey. “We’re both almost 70 years old. We’ve been doing it for 44 years as a business, and we were doing it before then, so it’s time.”

Over the course of four decades in business, Pizzey notes vehicles have changed quite a bit.

“The work is getting a lot more complex as time goes on, due to computers and stuff like that. It’s a young man’s game; it’s not something that old people are doing that much,” says Pizzey. “There’s a lot of technology involved now, and keeping up with that is not the easiest thing.”

Pizzey says he and Ohland will not be sitting on the deck all day with their feet up, even though they won’t have to go in to work every day.

“We’ll both be busy doing things. We both live on acreages, so there’s always lots to do every day.”

W & C Automotive has operated in their current location on 95th avenue since they built the shop in 1988. Before that, they rented a facility in town.

Pizzey says due to COVID-19 restrictions, they don’t have any big farewell event planned. Instead, he welcomes any customers to wish them well in their retirement.

“If customers want to drop by and say hi and that type of thing, that would be great. But we’re not planning any big event.”

W & C Automotive will have its last day on Friday, April 30th.