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POUCE COUPE, BC -Residents of Pouce Coupe may have noticed protests going on outside the Council office, but this Saturday they will be stretched across the entire community.

Accidental lead advocate, Richard Mineault says the first two protests were to show Mayor Michetti they were not going to let this story fade, but the focus will shift for the next protest, scheduled for Saturday.

“The last two protests were because we wanted the mayor to see us. Now, we want the Pouce Coupe citizens, some of them don’t quite know the whole story, some are just ignoring it. We’re going to bring this to the Pouce Coupe citizens,” says Mineault.

“If anybody does ask what is going on, we will be giving out an information package, stating simple facts that she broke a relationship with Treaty Tribal Association.”

The controversy started on February 19th, when Mayor Lorraine Michetti’s Facebook post was called out for being racist.

An emergency meeting of council was held on February 20th, and Michetti was removed from all decision-making duties.

Despite various community members and politicians in the surrounding area calling for her resignation, Michetti cannot be removed from her position unless she resigns. The only other option for removing Michetti is the next scheduled election in October, 2022.

Following continued requests for her resignation that fell on deaf ears, two councillors have since resigned from Pouce Coupe Council.

Mineault says Michetti’s ascension to the position of Mayor came by default. Since she was the only candidate to run back in 2018, she was selected by acclamation.

“Her claim that she was chosen by the people is misconstrued.”

Michetti has repeated that she was voted into the position, and she would not resign unless she was voted out.

Participants in the protest are being asked to meet at the Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek at 1 p.m.

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