FORT ST. JOHN, B.C -Council awarded the 2021 Capital Roadworks project to Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd. for over $4.1 million.

“Staff are requesting that the additional funds required for this project be allocated from unexpended funds from other Capital projects for 2021,” says the report to council Monday.

The work includes upgrading 112th avenue between 104th and 106th Streets, construction on 81st Street between 100th and 101st Avenues, and the installation of sidewalks and streetlights along 107th Avenue from 90th and 92nd Streets.

The project is now over budget by $1.1 million due to phasing not being included in the tendering process. The project was budgeted for two years, but tendered for one, says an April 26th report to council.

“The funds that were budgeted for the second phase of this project can then be reallocated to other projects – for instance, back into the 100 St project,” says the report. “If the phase 2 budget amount of $2,280,000 were added to this tendered amount, the project would have been $1,108,860 under budget.”

The City received five submissions in response to the tender including S.Young Enterprises Ltd. out of Fort St. John ($4.1 million), Terus Construction out of Fort St. John ($4.3 million),
Chapman Industries out of Vernon( $4.7 million), Knappett Industries out of Fort St. John($4.9 million) and Knelsen Sand & Gravel ($3.9 million).