DAWSON CREEK, B.C – Dawson Creek RCMP has closed its investigation involving an unknown male driver offering an 11-year-old a ride around 113th Avenue Thursday.

The driver told police he thought the child was in trouble as they ran from another group of children. He offered the child a ride to the end of the block.

The family told police that the child had been running from another group of children in a game of hide-and-seek, though it may have appeared to others that the child was in distress.

Mounties say the involved child did the right thing by refusing the ride with a stranger and informing his family of the interaction.

“Police were appropriately involved, and the investigation determined that there was no criminal intent. Our investigation has now been closed,” says Dawson Creek RCMP in a statement.

“This incident provides an opportunity to remind parents to have that talk with their children. Take the opportunity to inform your children about what actions they should take if approached by a stranger. If an incident does occur, be sure to report it to your local RCMP Detachment.”