CHARLIE LAKE, B.C – BC Parks has set aside $150,000 to repair the Mile 54 boat launch in Charlie Lake this year.

The area was barricaded in 2018 to prevent trailered boats from accessing the boat launch due to the state of disrepair.  It was still made available as a car-top boating only launch.

Despite the launch being maintained and upgraded over the years, the province says the concrete pads at the location require a replacement. This is due to the damages, which is a safety hazard for people looking to use the boat launch, according to BC Parks.

“Although there are alternate boat launches located at the Rotary Park and Beatton River Provincial Park, the boat launch is important to many user groups. The boat launch has been maintained and upgraded over the years, but the condition of the concrete in the boat launch has necessitated a replacement,” says BC Parks.

The damaged pads will be replaced and tied into the existing concrete panels above the high water mark in suitable conditions. The upgraded boat launch will be mainly constructed within the footprint of the existing pads. However, there are also plans to add rip rap to the outlet of a small drainage culvert located beside the boat launch.

The construction will increase the width of the launch by approximately three metres and the length by six metres.

“This funding includes construction of the boat launch, but also on site construction management, environmental considerations and requirements and archaeological monitoring,” says BC Parks.

Construction is expected to begin in August and finish in September, according to BC Parks. During this time, visitors will be unable to access the area at the boat launch road and Charlie Lake Crescent.