UPDATE: The article now has comments from Dawson Creek RCMP

DAWSON CREEK, B.C – Kevin J. Johnston is facing an assault charge and will appear again in Dawson Creek Provincial Court on April 27th.

On Thursday, Johnston was arrested by Dawson Creek RCMP while  ‘live’ on social media after purchasing an item without a mask.  He was asked to leave by No Frills staff.

He was released from custody with a variety of conditions after his first court appearance Friday.

The video posted to his social media platforms shows RCMP arresting Johnston after he was seen yelling, ” I am making a citizen’s arrest” at a No Frills employee.

In a separate video, Johnston was seen throwing a punch at a No Frills employee. This came after the worker hit Johnston’s hand away while he tried to shove his phone in the employee’s face.

Dawson Creek RCMP says the employee followed a group that entered the store without masks to the parking lot to collect license plates for a police report. The employee received minor injuries which did not require medical treatment.

While officers were placing him in the police car, Johnston kept claiming the No Frills staff member assaulted him.

“Get in the truck man, this is not looking good for you,” says RCMP to Johnston as supporters yelled “police brutality”.

Johnston, who is running for Mayor of Calgary, is in Dawson Creek to appear at a freedom rally this weekend.

The full video can be viewed below: