UPDATE: Energeticcity.ca reached out to Dawson Creek RCMP Friday morning for an update. RCMP say they won’t release any information due to the Privacy Act.

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – A man was arrested by Dawson Creek RCMP while ‘live’ on social media after a dispute with No Frills staff.

On Thursday, Kevin J. Johnston was filmed walking into No Frills to buy a bar of soap before being asked to leave by staff for not wearing a mask. The video was later posted on his social media pages.

RCMP showed up and arrested Johnston after he was seen yelling, ” I am making a citizen’s arrest” at a No Frills employee.

While officers were placing him in the police car, Johnston kept claiming a staff member assaulted him.

“Get in the truck man, this is not looking good for you,” says RCMP to Johnston as supporters yelled “police brutality”.

Johnston, who is running for Mayor of Calgary, is in Dawson Creek to appear at a Freedom Rally this weekend.