CHARLIE LAKE, B.C – The Peace River Regional District may enter a provincial road exemption agreement to allow hauling to the Charlie Lake Trucked Waste Receiving Facility (TWRF).

The PRRD board is set to discuss entering a five-year agreement with the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to access the facility during the seasonal ban. If approved, the district will receive $100,000, to be placed in capital reserve, for potential road repairs.

“Because the facility serves an essential need for the disposal and treatment of domestic wastewater from rural areas, it is necessary for haulers, who are registered under the TWRF, to access the site throughout the road ban season,” says the report to be presented to the PRRD on March 25th.

The agreement between the district and the ministry ensures funds are secure in case repairs are needed for the affected road. The ministry will inspect the road before spring thaw and provide a report to the PRRD to serve as a baseline for the year.

“If no repairs are required, then no monies are withdrawn from the capital reserve. The TWRF is funded strictly by user fees, which will be used to top up the portion of the security that is drawn in a calendar year in the event that road repairs occur,” says the report.

As of March 15th, the TWRF capital reserve is at just under $600,000.

The TWRF is required to apply for exemptions every year to receive year-long wastewater loads for treatment. The exemption allows the registered truck drivers to access the facility without being flagged by Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE).

The PRRD board is expected to decide on the agreement during Thursday’s meeting.