Fort St. John RCMP release 2020 stats

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John RCMP Inspector Anthony Hanson is set to present the detachments annual rep…

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John RCMP Inspector Anthony Hanson is set to present the detachments annual report to council on Monday.

In 2020, the detachment saw a decrease in property crimes, thefts and robberies, however, it had an increase in violence in relationships, assaults and threats with over 4,000 calls for criminal code offences.

Calls for service were down with over 9,000 calls in the city with just under 2,900 being rural.

Under violence in relationships, there were 58 more spousal assault calls in 2020 than in 2019 with 165 and 70 calls for other spousal offences. Calls for threat offences were up by 29 while robberies were down by over 50 per cent with eight, but weapon and aggravated assaults were up by 40.

The detachment had 436 less property crime calls than the year prior with 2134. Break and enter’s are down with 39 calls at businesses and 80 residence calls.

Thefts were down across the board with 132 vehicle thefts, 142 thefts from vehicles, 77 for shoplifting, and 268 for regular thefts.

Drug charges differed between each case. Drug possession, including fentanyl, was up by 16, overdose calls were up 11 and there were 15 overdoses compares to six in 2019.

The North Peace Cultural Centre had the most calls for city-run spaces with 42 compared to 72 in 2019. The skate park had the biggest increase from 15 calls in 2019 to 40 in 2020.

The detachment has 55 officers, 38 of which focus on municipal policing, 12 provincial officers, three First Nations officers, and one reserve and one auxiliary constable.

The detachment is looking forward to the progress being made on its new building, annual performance consultations and enhancing the relationship between the city.

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