VANCOUVER, B.C. – BC Hydro says some British Columbians regret their home improvements made during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a new Hydro report, the pandemic caused home renovations to spike across the province. Around 20 per cent of homeowners wish they had focused on updates to increase their homes’ value instead of aesthetics.

The report, ‘Room for improvement: Why British Columbians are experiencing renovation regret after making home upgrades,’ says that over half of residents did some form of home renovation since the pandemic began.

According to the report, primary motivators for the home improvements were for aesthetics, 35 per cent, comfort, 39 per cent, having the free time to make the changes, 10 per cent, and to save energy, 10 per cent.

The report says that most residents are happy with the changes. However, some wish they hadn’t done the renovations themselves. While some wish they had done more to boost the value of their property.

BC Hydro says that residents are still planning to do renovations or home improvements this spring.

Hydro has some tips to improve energy efficiency and minimize any renovation regret. For example, doing the proper research, finding out which renovations have the best energy efficiency returns, taking advantage of rebates and incentives, and tracking your electricity use.