FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Submissions for the 2021 Wild Words North Art Exhibit will be inspired by the writing of two northeastern B.C. artists.

Ryan Dickie of Fort Nelson and Wayne Sawchuck of Rolla will each submit a passage of writing focused on the Muskwa-Kechika region.

Artists can submit up to three pieces, inspired by one piece of writing, or a combination of the two, with the chance to be included in the “M-K” Exhibit during the festival.

Peace Liard Regional Arts Council Executive Director Donna Kane says this is the third year of the Ekphrastic writing event.

“Ekphrastic writing is writing about artwork. With this one, it’s kind of like a reverse where visual artists are creating artwork inspired by writing. We just kind of turned it around,” says Kane.

Writing submissions for the art exhibit will come from Ryan Dickie of Fort Nelson and Wayne Sawchuck of Rolla.

The submissions deadline is August 31st, and the physical exhibit will go on display from September to mid-October at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.

All artwork will be included in the virtual exhibit gallery online, and the Dawson Creek Art Gallery will choose submissions to be included in the physical exhibit.

Kane says there has been a wide range of submissions in the past.

“We’ve had three-dimensional installations, traditional paintings, someone made a book of visual art one year. We’ve just seen some amazing results from this.”

Kane says it’s interesting to see all the different paths inspiration can take in different minds.

“It’s really inspiring because you could have one line from a poem, and each artist is their own person coming from their own perspective, so you don’t get the same piece.”