DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Police have responded to multiple calls this year involving NSF cheques to purchase high-value items like electronics and vehicles.

Fraudsters will purchase the high-value item with a personal cheque, which gets deposited by the victim. By the time the cheque has bounced back due to insufficient funds, the fraudster is long gone, and the victim is left empty-handed.

Dawson Creek RCMP announced that a resident sold an expensive vehicle, and he accepted a cheque as payment. The cheque eventually bounced back as Non-Sufficient Funds.

RCMP recommends some tips to protect yourself from fraud, including meeting in-person with the person you are selling items to, not handing over items without confirmed receipt of payment, using e-transfer or cash, not accepting personal cheques for items, not signing over ownership of vehicles without confirmation of payment, and not signing over ownership of vehicles without proper documents being fully completed.

Call your local police to report incidents of fraud. Record details of your interaction with the fraudster, including phone numbers, email addresses, and any other communication with the scammer.