DAWSON CREEK, B.C – The City of Dawson Creek’s Sanitary Sewer Trunk is slated for an inspection and cleaning starting this spring.

The city announced Wednesday that the process has begun after hiring a consulting engineer team to update the Sanitary Sewer Master Plan. The engineers identified the cleaning of the sanitary trunk as a top priority.

“A number of properties were affected by sewer backups during the 2020 rain events, and the cleaning of the trunk line is the first step to alleviating these issues,” says the city’s website.

Portions of the trunk line have been cleaned in the past, but the entire line hasn’t been flushed.

The project will include an inspection of the trunk main using specialized sonar equipment, putting out a tender requesting bids for the cleaning, and then award the tender to complete the work this summer.

The cleaning will reduce the risk of back-up in areas by regaining the capacity in the sewer trunk. The city accounted for the estimated $500,000 project in the 2021 Capital Project Budget.