FORT NELSON, B.C. –  The president and vice-president of Takashi’s Animal Rescue Society (TARS) in the Fort Nelson area have issued letters to the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality council regarding its impending closure.

TARS began to experience an unanticipated need for its services from both local and surrounding communities. Due to the demand, the shelter needed to be run on a full-time, 24/7 basis, which was not feasible because the current operator also ran a business. The society has struggled to meet the time and financial commitments necessary to operate the shelter.

TARS is looking for support to develop a free-standing shelter with paid staff to meet the demands for a humane animal rescue within the Northern Rockies. The shelter has been maintained on Laura Richter’s property for the past five years.

The NRRM council has requested that staff look into the animal control contract focusing on animal rescue/welfare services in the contract’s scope when it’s reviewed next.