Update: Article changed to include quotes from Mayor Rob Fraser.

TAYLOR, B.C – A Taylor landmark has been dismantled after over two decades in the district. NorthRiver Midstream dismantled the 37-tonne giant golf ball on February 23rd.

Petro Canada donated one of its tanks to the district when its refinery closed. Dennis Harker, along with volunteers, spearheaded the moving of the structure, which measured 42.3 feet in diameter.

The district contemplated removing the landmark in 2016 as the land was earmarked for housing development, which fell through. Mayor Rob Fraser says the landmark was deteriorating and needed to be removed.

“It was just too expensive to either move it or repaint it,” says Fraser.

The district was looking into moving the structure 100 yards, but it would have cost $75,000. It would have cost between around $30,000 to repaint, compared to the $7,000 to dismantle the golf ball, which Fraser says they didn’t have to pay for.

“We had some discussions with the industry, they said, we put it there, we’ll be prepared to take it away with contractors working in the area and so they did it.”

Petro Canada donated the Lone Wolf Golf Ball in 1994 to draw traffic to the golf course.