CARMACKS, YUKON – Carmacks RCMP, arrested a male in relation to an armed robbery that led into British Columbia, where the alleged bypassed RCMP in Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, and Prince George.

On February 19th, around 4:24 a.m., Carmacks RCMP was notified of an armed robbery. Allegedly, two people were woken up by an intruder near Kilometre 62 on Mount Nansen Road near Carmacks, which is known as a Mining Site.

When one of the victims approached the intruder, he was bear sprayed. Both victims secured themselves in a safe location while the intruder stole an F-150 truck.

The suspect then made his way to B.C. in the truck where he was arrested in Quesnel during the evening of February 19th. Before being arrested, the suspect had evaded the RCMP in Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, and Prince George.

The Suspect was remanded to Prince George Regional Correctional Centre until his court appearance on March 1st for offences committed in B.C. After those have been dealt with, the suspect will then address charges in the Yukon.

William Nadeau, 44, of Hinton Alberta, is charged with the following in the Yukon:

The Carmacks RCMP is requesting anyone who might have information regarding this incident or a similar occurrence to contact them at 867-863-2677 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).