CHARLIE LAKE, B.C – Stoddart Creek Water Services Inc is being recognized for its cleantech use through its rural water utility & bulk water dispensing station.

The company was awarded the 2021 Foresight – BC Cleantech Community Impact Award during a virtual ceremony Thursday. The annual awards recognize organizations contributing to the province’s cleantech community. 

The service produces multiple high-quality grades of water. Its treatment plant produces potable water for domestic use and high purity water used for speciality type applications. The bulk water station uses up-to-date dispensing technology and is available 24/7 for customers.

“Stoddart Creek Water takes this time to say thank you to all parties involved who provided a service during the design, construction and commissioning of the Stoddart Creek Water Utility,” says Founder and CEO Thomas Stahl in a release Friday.

Community Futures Peace Laird nominated the water service.

“A special thank you to our loyal clients and potable water haulers who use our potable water dispensing services daily. Your support in our mission to develop sustainable rural potable water infrastructure is greatly appreciated.”

The twelve individuals and organizations that received awards during the ceremony varied from students and startups to professors and policymakers.