DAWSON CREEK, B.C – The Peace River Regional District is looking to add four members split between two committees relating to the Site C truck hauling plan.

The District Board will be recommended to add two Regional Board members to the Site C Project Working Group and two members to the BC Environmental Assessment Office’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) during a meeting on Thursday.

BC Hydro is looking for an amendment to the Site C Environmental Assessment Certificate to haul glacier till from the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands to the dam site when not using its conveyor system.

Hydro aims to use up to 122 large trucks per hour on the Old Fort, 240 and 269 Roads for up to seven months a year over three years.

PRRD Chair Brad Sperling penned two letters in the last couple of weeks. One letter to the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO) and another to BC Hydro.

In his letter to BCEAO, Sperling requested two committees be established as part of the amendment process. These Committees are contemplated as part of the BC Environmental Assessment Act.

The Site C Project Working Group, a Community Advisory Committee (CAC), already has two appointed members in Director Rose and Director Fraser. Two additional members are invited to join.

The TAC will need to be created to provide input on technical matters relating to the amendment. The CAC will provide advice on the effects of the proposed project on the community. Its members can provide local knowledge of the community and project area.

Local governments are invited to provide a representative to the TAC and identify their nominees. The TAC will require two PRRD participants. The committee will include provincial and federal government staff.

The BCEAO can also appoint additional experts, but at this time, the total number of people involved is not known. The February 3rd letter to the BCEAO office requested a list of members involved.