Seven Peace Region communities are set to receive improved high-speed internet access after the approval of CRTC funding.

Shaw Cablesystems G.P. receives $13.8 million from the CRTC for the project, which will support fibre network installation in Attachie, Bear Flat, Charlie Lake, Farrell Creek, Moberly Lake, Saulteau First Nations, and West Moberly First Nations.

The CRTC approved $26.7 million from the Broadband Fund on Wednesday for five fibre transport networks being built in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. This will benefit more than 8,000 households in 41 communities.

The project, costing $24.9 million in total, will affect approximately 1,500 homes in the seven Peace Region communities. The approximate network length is 150 km.

The other funding recipients include:

The CRTC says recipients “must provide wholesale access to their infrastructure to entities that wish to offer retail Internet services.”

Before receiving funding, recipients completed a work plan, including schedules and costs, which the CRTC must approve. Most projects announced on Wednesday will start in the second half of 2021 at the earliest.

The CRTC says it continues to evaluate the applications submitted to the second round of applications. Further funding announcements will be made as additional projects are approved.

The Fund will provide up to $750 million over five years to support projects improving broadband Internet access services and mobile wireless services in Canada’s underserved areas.