HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C – Hudson’s Hope RCMP Cpl. Rob Gardner had an unexpected run in with two moose over the weekend, one of which collided with his cruiser Sunday night.

Gardner says he was on patrol near Farrell Creek on Highway 29 when the pair dashed across the road.

He had little time to react, other than slowing down.

The cruiser, a Tahoe SUV, clipped one of the moose, while the other struck the fender, landing on the windshield and shattering the glass.

“I’m fine. I managed to get away with just a few cuts on my hands, but I’m still picking out some glass from my uniform,” said Gardner. “It’s a great opportunity to remind people to dress warm and make sure they have winter gear in this weather, even if it’s just on hand in their vehicle.”

Gardner says the moose also survived the crash with no apparent injuries.

“There didn’t seem to be any blood, he just got up and walked away. I imagine they won’t feel very good in the morning, but they seemed to be okay,” Gardner said.

Written by Tom Summer, Local Journalism Intitaitive, Alaskan Highway News