FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Triumph Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness is hoping to open back in the coming weeks after being reported to the provincial COVID-19 hotline.

Multiple public health departments are heading to the club to make a final decision next week. Instead of a lengthy process, Triumph owner Tosha Mytron says she could reopen sooner than expected.

“If they all come down and they like what I’m doing as far as modified programming, they can decide right then and there, we’re satisfied. You can reopen based on the fitness schedule, and I’ll be open immediately.”

The club was reported anonymously to the provincial COVID-19 hotline in early January. A local bylaw officer was sent to do an inspection, and complete a report for provincial health officers.

Because of the wording on the business license, the provincial health officer ruled that the club be shut down despite the local bylaw officer’s thorough report.

Mytron says it has been confusing trying to get the right information from all the different levels of government.

“Every time I’ve talked to [the bylaw officer], it’s changed from needing an application, now there’s no application. We need an inspector to do an investigation, nope, he can just forward it.”

The bylaw officer decided to get to the bottom of the issue, according to Mytron.

“[She said] ‘we’re just going to get everybody there at once so that we can have the ruling from everyone at the same time’.”

While it is clear there are holes in the system, Mytron does not point the finger at any one department.

“I don’t think that bylaw did anything wrong, I think it’s the lack of support and information from the province and the governing bodies of this entire COVID situation.

I think they are given a basic set of guidelines that are the same ones you can print off, and it’s the same booklet [the bylaw officer] gave me. But, anything over and above that, nobody really has a straight answer.”

Mytron says all the support from the community has been unexpected.

“The outpouring of support that I’ve received since making the videos, people who have never been to my gym, city councillors, other business owners all reached out.

“It’s been super overwhelming to feel the support of the whole city, and I don’t know what to do with it.”

Mytron expects the inspection to happen early next week and will be on Facebook updating the community when she gets a decision.